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  • Fall 2019
    An illustrative portrait of Dana

    A lifetime of leadership

    After more than 40 years of service to WVU and CPASS, Dean Dana Brooks retired on June 30, 2019. A tireless advocate for diversity and for his students, Brooks leaves behind a legacy of innovative leadership and passion for his field — sports education.

  • Fall 2019
    A hand holding a mountaineer coin in front of Woodburn Hall

    Mountaineer coins

    West Virginia University celebrates Mountaineer Values through the Values Coin program, which recognizes faculty and staff who help bring the University’s mission to life through their daily work. This past year, CPASS faculty and staff received both Pay It Forward and Mountaineer Values coins. Original CPASS recipients then selected more coworkers to receive Pay It Forward coins. Congratulations to our recipients!

  • Fall 2019
    A group shot of all CPASS faculty, staff and grad students standing inf front of the college

    Faculty/Staff update 2019

  • Fall 2019
    Portrait of Sam Zizzi outside of CPASS

    Research excellence

    Earlier this year, WVU created the inaugural Outstanding Graduate Research Mentoring Award to honor and encourage the considerable efforts and accomplishments of faculty who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the mentorship of graduate students. Sponsored by the Office of Graduate Education and Life and the WVU Research Office, the new award recognizes four finalists.

  • Fall 2019
    FiT Publishing logo

    FiT Publishing update

    This year, FiT published textbooks on subjects ranging from sport and cultural psychology to foundational sport management. FiT will release updated versions of the fourth edition of “Psychological Bases of Sport Injuries,” the fifth edition of “Media Relations in Sport,” and fourth edition of “Racism in College Athletics,” co-edited by CPASS’s very own former dean, Dana Brooks, in the upcoming year. FiT will also publish new titles on topics such as mindsets for the training of dancers and human resource management within sport and recreation programs.

  • Fall 2019
    Portrait of Andrea Taliaferro

    Rewarding passion

    Andrea Taliaferro, Physical Education Teacher Education associate professor, is one of six West Virginia University faculty members who were recognized with the University’s 2019 Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching. The award honors exceptional professors who go above and beyond to inspire their students. Each of the honorees received $5,000 in professional development funds from the WVU Foundation.

  • Fall 2019
    CPASS faculty standing on mountaineer field after being recognized

    WVU Football Professors Day

    WVU Football hosted the first annual Professors’ Day at Milan Puskar Stadium on April 11. University faculty, including eight from CPASS, were invited to tour the stadium, spend time on the field and meet the new coaching staff. WVU Athletics started this initiative to thank faculty for their hard work and help in motivating student-athlete success in the classroom.

  • Fall 2018
    Students with soccer robot working with disabled children

    Innovation at work

    Multiple outreach projects will have a lasting impact in the Morgantown community and beyond.  A New Jersey high school robotics team has developed a robot that enables kids with special needs in the CPASS Friday Adapted PE program to have greater access to fun physical activities.  A model grant that combines researchers from WVU and three other regional institutions will help community groups to provide health and wellness opportunities for individuals with disabilities. A continuing partnership with the National Inclusion Project expands physical activity environments for a diverse population within WVU Lifetime Activities.  

  • Fall 2018
    Killeen accepting award and standing next to the WVU provost

    Advising excellence

    Killeen Schlegel, program coordinator in the CPASS Office of Student Success, is one of four WVU academic advisers honored with the Nicholas Evans Award for Excellence in Advising. This annual award, established by the Office of the Provost, is given in honor of Dr. Nicholas Evans, a lifelong proponent of the importance of undergraduate advising at WVU. Each year two faculty and two staff are recognized for their work advising and mentoring students.

  • Fall 2018
    CPASS Students posing after Mountaineer Quest

    Start Fast Finish Strong

    Following its inception in 2016, staff members in the CPASS Office of Student Success have provided leadership in enrollment management, student retention, program completion and post-college achievement. Lindsay Augustine, interim director of enrollment management, said: “Our team does a fantastic job of maintaining a welcoming and engaging environment, which enables us to serve students effectively as they achieve their academic and professional goals.”

  • Fall 2018
    Portrait of Dana Voelker

    Going above and beyond

    Dana Voelker, Sport and Exercise Psychology assistant professor, joins the ranks of West Virginia University faculty members  selected for the 2018 Foundation Award for Outstanding Teaching, which honors exceptional professors who go the extra mile to inspire their students.

  • Fall 2018
    Joanne Pollitt and Jack Watson pose for a photo

    2017-2018 CPASS Retirees

    Office Administrator, Dean’s Office, 35 years

  • Fall 2018
    Portrait of Jeremy Yeats

    New CPASS Faculty

    Jeremy Yeats, PhD, is a native of Colorado and has been an assistant professor at Adams State University for six years. The past two years, he has served as graduate coordinator for the coaching master’s program. He earned his doctorate in sport and exercise science, with an emphasis in sport pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado; an MA in educational psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver; and a BA in health and physical education from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. His teaching philosophy centers on a constructivist framework, where learners use their prior knowledge, have learning experiences, construct new meanings, use reflections and start the cycle over again with a new set of prior knowledge. His teaching style reflects a student-centered and culturally-responsive classroom, which helps create an active community of learners.

  • Fall 2018
    Theresa Scafella standing with members of the WVU Basketball Team

    Celebrating Success

    CPASS sport management graduate and guard for WVU men’s basketball, Jevon Carter, was named Male Athlete of the Year at the 2018 Blue and Golden Globe Awards.

  • Fall 2018
    FiT publishing logo

    Globalization of Sport

    The globalization of sport has never been more evident than it is today, and the cross-cultural reach of sport continues to explode at the recreational, amateur and professional levels. It is the mission of FiT Publishing, the publishing division of the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE), to support CPASS’s international educational initiatives by disseminating the most recent research in the sport sciences field — by both national and international scholars — to a global audience in the form of our journals and books. 

  • Fall 2018
    Hand holing a 150 years anniversary coin

    Employees honored during WVU anniversary celebration

    As one way to recognize employees, WVU created 150 Celebration Coins to show appreciation for individuals who shine with the principles of service, curiosity, respect, accountability and appreciation. Only 150 distinctive gold coins were created to honor faculty and staff who exemplify these values and strive to excel each day in their respective roles. CPASS recipients of the 150 Celebration Coins include the following: Sharon Sisler, business planning officer; Joanne Pollitt, office administrator; Tracy Wheeler, operations manager; and Sean Bulger, professor (via WVU online program).

  • Fall 2017
    Emi Tsuda and James Wyant

    New CPASS Faculty, Fall 2017

    Emi Tsuda will be joining CPASS as a visiting assistant professor for 2017–2018. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and is a licensed physical education teacher in Japan. In 2012, she arrived in the U.S. and completed her master’s and doctoral degrees in physical education teacher education at The Ohio State University. Her research focuses on examining the role of motor competence to engage in physical activity and exploring ways to assist teachers in providing effective physical education to enhance student motor skill learning. She is interested in how the tasks teachers develop and select impact student learning. Tsuda’s research specifically focuses on early childhood to middle childhood physical education.

  • Fall 2017
    FiT Publishing logo

    Thirty years of FiT Publishing

    This year FiT Publishing is celebrating more than 30 years in operation and 13 years in the Mountaineer family. In 1984 Fitness Information Technology, Inc., was founded by William L. Alsop and Andrew C. Ostrow (professors emeriti of WVU) in Morgantown, with the goal of being recognized as a premier publisher in the sport sciences field. In 2004 — just in time for the College’s 72nd year — FiT was gifted to CPASS in honor of Andrew Ostrow’s father Philip Ostrow and, under the umbrella of WVU, FiT has flourished.