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CPASS expert to speak at Science on Tap

An upcoming WVU Science on Tap presentation will feature Sam Zizzi, professor, CPASS Sport and Exercise Psychology, Wednesday, March 15, 7 p.m. at the Morgantown Brewing Company.

Zizzi will focus on The Zen of Sport Performance, featuring how mindfulness supports improved athletic performance. Zizzi has worked with athletes at many levels and will share a selection of stories over a cold brew.

As increasingly popular approaches, some experts view mindfulness and meditation as the solution to a hectic and distraction filled life. This concept overlaps with the fields of sport and exercise. Although commonly recognized as being ‘focused’ and ‘in the zone’ many athletes may not fully understand how to successfully apply mindfulness.

“When athletes experience being in the zone, they feel the difference of being absorbed into the moment and the effortlessness of the performance,” Zizzi explained.

Individuals may experience the moment; however, they may not easily recapture it. Zizzi focuses on how to use meditation and mindfulness to improve one’s athletic performance.

“Learning how to ride the ebb and flow of life and sport without wasting time and energy is one of the most useful lessons you could get out of the practice of mindfulness. Nothing is permanent; everything comes and goes,” Zizzi added.

According to Zizzi, participants will learn core concepts of mindfulness and the limitations-based interventions to improve performance. The event is free and open to the public. “Grab some beer and stay for the science!”

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