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Sweden study abroad trip review

WVU sport and exercise psychology students embarked on an international adventure during their spring break. The bi-annual spring break study abroad trip to Halmstad and Halmstad University in Sweden offered 11 sport and exercise psychology students the opportunity to attend academic sessions and interact with Swedish students studying the same subject.

However, it was the exposure to a new culture and traditions that really stuck with each student.

“This trip was the first time I have ever left the country,” said Jackson Bushong-Taylor, a senior student in the sport and exercise psychology program. “I feel that the most important thing I learned was that if you have the opportunity to try something different, do it or you will regret it later.” 

The itinerary for the trip included a visit to Kronborg Castle, the setting of Hamlet, and a ferry ride to reach Styro, a small island off the coast of Gothenburg. The group also attended major related events including the Swedish National Table Tennis Championship, a table tennis tournament against the Swedish students and a visit to the Hamstad Golf Arena.

WVU students were able to mingle with both graduate and undergraduate Swedish students to exchange ideas and learn firsthand how life in Sweden differs from the United States.

“The biggest culture shock that I experienced was that most people bike everywhere they go, despite of having their own car,” said Farhan Shaikh, an international student who attended the trip. “I was also surprised to find out citizens of Sweden do not have to pay for their college.” 

Study abroad trips run throughout the entire year, including during academic breaks. For more information about studying abroad visit the study abroad office at

This article was reprinted with the permission of Emily Zekonis and The DA.

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