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Undergraduate student reaches new heights in blending boxing and academics

Steven Ware, 28-year-old physical education teacher education student, won the 132 lb. division at the Midwestern Regionals for the National Collegiate Boxing Association in March. He has participated in several state and national tournaments, giving him the chance to challenge himself against fighters from across the United States.

During the championship, Ware fought against a skilled opponent from the US Naval Academy. “It was a great opportunity to test myself against someone of his caliber and I am very happy that I was able to successfully represent WVU Boxing,” he said.

During the past four years, Ware, from Elkins, WV, has competed with the WVU Boxing team and Ground Zero Fighting Systems.

Ware said that walking into Ground Zero Fighting Systems was the best decision he has ever made. Boxing provides him with a combined system of teammates, coaches and friends as well as the opportunity to achieve more than he thought possible.

“Boxing has given me everything. It has given me confidence; it has challenged me to be better and it has led me to pursue a career in physical education,” said Ware.

Currently, Ware works at Ground Zero Fighting Systems as the assistant coach for adult boxing. He also acts as head coach for the kids’ program. Through his experience in teaching boxing, Ware was inspired to pursue a career in physical education, leading him to enroll in the PETE program at WVU.

“When I initially moved to Morgantown, it was not because I intended on enrolling in the university. I came here with the intention of learning to box. When I found Ground Zero Fighting Systems, I knew that I had found a place that could be my second home,” Ware explained.

Since enrolling at WVU Ware has discovered additional support. He was recently awarded a scholarship from the Glotfelty Foundation that supports non-traditional students who have demonstrated sound educational goals and commitment to success.

“When I received the scholarship, I felt very grateful and relieved,” Ware stated. “The Glotfelty Foundation is providing me with the opportunity to focus on school without worrying about being in financial trouble. I cannot thank the board members of the foundation enough for providing me with this opportunity,” Ware added.

After graduation, Ware intends to start a career as a public school physical education teacher. He hopes to further his education by earning a master’s degree in Special Education and eventually pursue a career as a public school administrator.

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