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SEP doctoral graduate, student credit WVU network for professional success

Marc Cormier, SEP doctoral graduate, has joined the University of Kentucky as assistant professor to develop and coordinate a sport and exercise psychology program.

Aside from teaching and conducting research, Cormier will act as director and coordinator of the new SEP master’s program at the University of Kentucky. Cormier has been working to develop the program during the past two years.

Cormier is the first SEP-specific faculty member hired into a tenure-track position at the University of Kentucky. “I feel a sense of happiness and accomplishment that I was able to successfully advocate for the importance and value of the field and its presence in an academic setting,” Cormier said.  

Cormier has been with the University of Kentucky for three years as a faculty lecturer and part-time sport psychology consultant. “The teaching experience I received as a PhD student at CPASS was a major contributor to receiving the offer from the university three years ago,” he explained.

“Few can say that they had as much experience teaching as WVU grads do,” Cormier said. “Equally important was the instruction I received from the faculty, who prepared me extremely well to enter the field as a professional. I felt confident in my abilities and well-trained to contribute on a large scale,” he added.

The mentorship and guidance that he continues to receive is the most meaningful at this point in his career, Cormier said. He regularly communicates with WVU faculty for advice on professional practice, navigating academia and maintaining a work-life balance.

“You can never stop learning, so I continue to seek guidance from my mentors and probably will for many years,” Cormier said.

Meghan Halbrook, current SEP doctoral student, has accepted a tenure track position as an assistant professor at Randolph College, Virginia.

Halbrook will join the sports and exercise studies program at the private, liberal arts and sciences institution in Lynchburg, VA. “Randolph College has a rich history and an excellent reputation for student engagement and academics,” Halbrook said.

“I am really looking forward to joining the sport and exercise studies program, where I will be able to develop new curriculum and prepare undergraduate students for opportunities after graduation,” Halbrook added.

Halbrook stated that being a part of the CPASS SEP program has been a remarkable experience that has created diverse opportunities. “I am honored and humbled to continue representing WVU SEP as I start my own career. I greatly attribute any successes I have had to the opportunities given and the relationships I have built here at West Virginia University,” she said. 

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