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  • Desire to reconnect with family, earn degree convinces student to relocate to United States

Desire to reconnect with family, earn degree convinces student to relocate to United States

Kristoph Cain, Physical Education Teacher Education junior, grew up in Berlin, Germany. Family ties to Morgantown and a passion for teaching and sports inspired Cain to return to West Virginia and pursue a degree at WVU.   

Cain was born in Morgantown in 1995; however, he grew up in Berlin. He made the decision to return to Morgantown for his college career following a year off to work and decide on a field of study.

Cain wanted to try something new. His interest in teaching and love of sports led him to the field of physical education. “I decided to return to West Virginia to build a relationship with extended family and get a taste of what it was like to live in Morgantown,” he explained.

“I looked at some colleges both in Germany and the United States that would offer PE. When I found WVU and the PETE program, I quickly applied and was really happy to be accepted,” Cain added.

Cain enrolled in the CPASS Accelerated Bachelors to Master’s Program. Building and maintaining relationships with his cohort members has become a large part of his life at WVU.

“This all falls under the same umbrella and makes up my one goal, which is to have a fulfilling time here at WVU both academically and socially,” Cain said.

Cain recommends CPASS and WVU to international students who may be interested in one of the many programs the school has to offer.

“CPASS is something that I would push heavily. CPASS, especially the PETE major, has a clear idea of how to get you integrated into your field in a smooth way. They give students hands on work, which is very helpful. If you are someone who likes active learning, then CPASS is the way to go,” Cain added.

After completing his Master’s degree, he hopes to teach and build a strong foundation in his field. His goal is to return to Berlin to teach PE at his alma mater, the John F. Kennedy German-American School.

“The John F. Kennedy School has great facilities for students both inside and outside and the community and is something that has stuck with me,” Cain said. “I want to help others feel the same way I did when I was a student there.”

Cain loves sport and is currently a member of the WVU Men’s Club Soccer team, to stay active and meet other students with the same interests. 

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