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SEP grad earns tenure

Jamie Shapiro, associate professor of Sport and Performance Psychology and assistant director of the Master of Arts in Sport and Performance Psychology (MASPP) program, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, at the University of Denver has received tenure at the University.  

Shapiro earned a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from West Virginia University (2009), an M.A. in Community Counseling from WVU (2008), and an M.S. in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College (2005). She earned a B.S. in Psychology from Brown University, where she competed on the gymnastics team for four years.  

“The training I received as a scholar, teacher and practitioner in the WVU SEP program was invaluable. As a Swiger fellow, I had the opportunity to teach undergraduate classes, which prepared me as a professor,” Shapiro explained.  

Shapiro credits the supervised experience she received through performance consulting with collegiate athletes and exercisers. She developed skills as an administrator by supervising a fellow classmate for her applied work.  

Shapiro credits faculty for their influence. “Most importantly, I had excellent role models and mentors in the field from my professors, including Ed Etzel, Sam Zizzi, Jack Watson, Andy Ostrow and Vanessa Shannon. I continue to collaborate with my fellow classmates and professors from WVU and enjoy seeing them at conferences every year,” she added.  

Shapiro is a Certified Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP), listed on the United States Olympic Committee's Sport Psychology Registry, and a National Certified Counselor (NCC) by the National Board of Certified Counselors. 

Additionally, Shapiro is a consultant for Sport and Performance Excellence Consultants based in Denver. She has worked with youth, collegiate, elite and Paralympic athletes from a variety of sports. Shapiro’s specific interests include psychology of sport injury, mental training for athletes who have disabilities, psychology of performing arts, exercise psychology, and ethics and training in sport and performance psychology.

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