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Summer internship helps student gain insight into sports business

CPASS undergraduate student Cody Heffelfinger knew he wanted a future in sports so he chose the WVU sport management program to be on the business side of the industry.   

After listening to Dr. Gary Lhotsky talk about his hands-on experiences during the Intro to Sport Management class, Heffelfinger was convinced about what to do next. “The class helped me realize that I need to get out and see for myself how the industry is run,” he explained.  

Heffelfinger worked with the Kansas City Chiefs in their summer training camp. “I was a security officer during the Chiefs training camp. I worked the overnight shift. My primary objective was to make sure the people who entered the building have proper credentials. I was also in charge of player transfers to and from the practice facility,” he added.    

Working with the Chiefs has helped Heffelfinger get a basic knowledge of the day-to-day operations of an NFL team. “I am not only limited to seeing just one area, but get to see how football operations, security and training staff all work together,” Heffelfinger said.  

Heffelfinger credits the sport management program for having professors who have experience in the field. He likes the benefits of WVU. “A big name school gives you many opportunities to help out with the sports programs to give you experience,” he said.  

At the same time, the sport management program at WVU is personalized. “You must be accepted into the program, so most of your classes are smaller which gives you more interaction in class,” he clarified.  

Heffelfinger emphasizes that students look for on-the-job experiences. “I think the best advice for students is to get experience, whether it is a job or an internship. Being able to be out in the sport management field has really helped me narrow down what I want to do when I graduate,” he concluded.
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