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Thirty years of FiT Publishing

This year FiT Publishing is celebrating more than 30 years in operation and 13 years in the Mountaineer family. In 1984 Fitness Information Technology, Inc., was founded by William L. Alsop and Andrew C. Ostrow (professors emeriti of WVU) in Morgantown, with the goal of being recognized as a premier publisher in the sport sciences field. In 2004 — just in time for the College’s 72nd year — FiT was gifted to CPASS in honor of Andrew Ostrow’s father Philip Ostrow and, under the umbrella of WVU, FiT has flourished.

Today, FiT honors its original mission to be a leading publisher in sport sciences as the principal publishing arm of the International Center for Performance Excellence in the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. FiT now publishes three journals, one of which is recognized internationally as a premier sport marketing journal with a subscriber base in more than 20 countries, and this year, FiT will publish more than 10 textbooks including upcoming titles “Experiential Learning in Sport Management: Internships and Beyond,” “Enhancing Performance and Quality of Life,” and “Being Mindful in Sport and Exercise Psychology: Pathways for Practitioners and Students,” co-edited by WVU CPASS professor Sam Zizzi.

FiT staff recently highlighted these and other textbooks at the North American Society for Sport Management conference in Denver, Colorado, where more than 60 exam copies were distributed. FiT will also attend the upcoming ASSP conference in Orlando, Florida, in October and Sport Marketing Association conference in Boston, Massachusetts, in November.

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