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CPASS professor featured in national article covering online degree residencies

Sean Bulger, professor, Physical Education Teacher Education, was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report story exploring online degree program residencies. Bulger explains arrangements in the online master's programs in sport management and physical education teaching residencies. Read more from Bulger in the article link. 

News story excerpt:

At the online master's programs in West Virginia University's College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, Bulger says, students pay for transportation and typically on-campus housing, on top of tuition and fees. Experts suggest that prospective students look into whether their financial aid will help cover those expenses.

These additional costs may be less of an issue for students if their employer is funding their education. The same goes for taking time off work, he says, which online students may need to do if they must arrive on a Friday evening, for instance, or spend an entire week at the institution.

Experts also suggest choosing a program with a residency component that doesn't just duplicate what's taught virtually.

"They're adult learners who are investing discretionary income in our academic program," says Bulger. "They could find a lot of other things to do with that money. So we do try to pay close attention to the feedback that they're able to provide."