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Visiting scholar collaboration will focus on women in sports administration

Omur Dugan, from Turkey, is a visiting scholar at CPASS, working with Gonzalo Bravo, associate professor in sport management. Her research areas include ethical and gender issues in sport management, with a focus in career development and barriers for women in sports. Dugan focused on gender issues in senior management in Turkish sport organizations during her doctorate degree. 

While at WVU, Dugan will develop the project "Glass Ceiling Syndrome and Career Development of Women in NCAA" with Bravo. “I've known Dr. Bravo from his international publications and the international sport management network we have. I will also collaborate in a project with one of Dr. Bravo's graduate students on a similar topic.  

Dugan wants to expand her understanding of sport management. “The NCAA is a different sport system from Europe. It is exciting to understand and learn every aspect of this multi-million dollar industry. To be able to work with Dr. Bravo is amazing; I am already learning a lot from his scientific approach and in depth knowledge of theory,” Dugan said.  

Bravo and Dugan will study the scientific theory behind the ‘glass ceiling’ phenomenon. “She will interview senior athletic administrators in a Power 5 conference. She will have a much larger sample to work with while she is here,” Bravo explained. 

“The sport management discipline is new in Turkey. I am sure that I will gain knowledge and a different vision to bring back. This is an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and experience different points of view in one of the top U.S. sport management programs, “she added.

Dugan earned her doctorate degree at Celal Bayar University, Physical Education and Sport, Sport Management doctoral program. Her thesis was titled, “Women in Sport Management .

Dugan previously worked at Pamukkale University, Sport Management Department, and with the European Olympic Committee (EOC), Olympic Culture and Legacy Commission. Additional experience includes international volleyball refereeing and international conference presentations. She holds Level One Volleyball Coaching Certificate (FIVB) and has experience with Olympic sport organization management.

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