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CPASS Research Day encourages curiosity, promotes collaboration

The College of Physical Activates and Sport Sciences hosted 2018 Student Research Day, providing a forum for students to present their research topics and receive direct feedback from faculty.

The event, held April 27, CPASS building main lobby, featured the work of both undergraduate and graduate students. “The 6th annual CPASS Research Day was a huge success, with 35 student posters presented during the event. These posters represented a broad range of projects and took the form of both research and applied topics,” said Jack Watson, professor and chair, Department of Sport Sciences. 

Watson explained that students presented high quality work. “The projects showcased the diversity of work CPASS students are conducting to help generate knowledge that enhances society. I am very proud of the projects completed by all of the students,” he added.

Students liked the interaction with faculty and peers. “I really enjoyed the exchange of ideas with the faculty. It was helpful to have seasoned researchers question me about my decisions and offer their feedback. Research is a great way to learn and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. It can also be an excellent avenue to satisfy a curious, inquisitive mind,” said Lynda Bowers, Coaching and Teaching Studies, Graduate Applied Research First Place Award.

First place award winners and categories include Lynda Bowers, Graduate Applied; Alexandra Walker, Tyler Mitchell, Kelly Masker, Soren Butler, Graduate Research; Toby Russell, Bri Chute and Anthony Ha, Undergraduate Applied; Cobi Dreher, Connor Gore, Alexandra Radike and Alexia Ruiz-Millan, Undergraduate Research; and Bill Way, Graduate Ethics.   

Faculty selected the top three competitors in each category, using a standardized rubric to evaluate research as well as topics. Judges then reviewed ratings and announced the best posters and research awards. 
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