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New faculty member focuses on research-based teaching

In the fall, CPASS will add a new faculty member to the Physical Education Teacher Education program.

Jeremy Yeats will join West Virginia University after a six-year stint as an assistant professor and two years as the graduate coordinator of the Coaching master’s program at Adams State University, Alamosa, Colorado.

Yeats received his Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, his Master of Arts in Educational Psychology at the University of Colorado at Denver, and his Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).

The Boulder native recently packed his bags and moved across the country to the Mountain State, to pursue work in a college environment similar to UNC.

“After my experience at University of Northern Colorado, I have always wanted to return to a Division I school,” Yeats said. “I love the size and strength of West Virginia University, and all of the people I have met so far have been amazing." 

When Yeats came to Morgantown to visit the campus, he was impressed with CPASS and the capabilities for learning through technology.

“There are countless opportunities in this new position,” Yeats said. “I especially look forward to working with doctoral, master’s, and undergraduate students and I appreciate the chance to work with and evaluate their teaching as they grow and prepare for their careers.”

In his new role at WVU, Yeats will draw from his past experiences and teaching concepts.

“My teaching philosophy is based on a constructivist framework,” Yeats said. “With this framework, I create a classroom where learners use their prior knowledge, have learning experiences, construct new meanings, utilize reflections, and start the cycle over again with a new set of prior knowledge. 

“In alignment with my philosophy, my teaching style centers around a student-centered classroom which helps create a community of learners. I also strive to implement culturally-responsive teaching methods through the use of active learning strategies,” he added. 

Yeats is excited to begin in the fall and already has plans for his upcoming students.

“My goals for this new role are to use and train others to implement high quality standards and research-based teaching, to provide service to CPASS, WVU, and the community, and to collaborate with others to bring unique opportunities for the students, faculty and staff,” Yeats said.

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