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West Virginia University graduate selected for a leading role in national organization

The National Athletic Trainers' Association has announced that West Virginia native Marisa Brunett will serve as its new vice president as of this summer.

Brunett has served on the NATA board since 2016. She says her new responsibilities as vice president is an honor.  

A 1986 CPASS graduate, Brunett says her passion for athletic training began with her studies at West Virginia University. “As soon as I got into WVU’s training department, I knew I wanted to be an athletic trainer. I wanted to bring athletes back to their sport, activity or work. I could tell that athletic training was unique in the health field. Athletic trainers can immediately respond and identify the type of injury and needed treatment. It was an exciting program and prepared us for a great career,” she said.

Brunett says that WVU’s athletic training program was progressive. She reflects that WVU had an equal number of women and men enrolled in the program, which was unusual at the time.

“Regardless of male or female, we all worked for the highest risk sport, Mountaineer football,” said Brunett.

Brunett encourages other students to take advantage of all opportunities available at WVU.

“Don’t be afraid to get into this field and imagine where you want to be. There are many opportunities for athletic trainers in various industries. Students need to take advantage of the program. Volunteer, build your network. Don’t be afraid to reach out to WVU alumni for advice,” she said.

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