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WVU faculty featured in Appalachian health initiative conference

Eloise Elliott, PhD, Ware Distinguished Professor, CPASS, and William Neal, MD, School of Medicine, were invited speakers at the recent Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN) Summit in Lexington, KY, in September.

Their talk,  The West Virginia CARDIAC Project: Surveillance, Research, and Interventions, focused on successful community-academic research collaborations and how community partnerships are integral to the success of all three components of the Project.

"Researchers from across Appalachia hold West Virginia University in high regard for the work that we do to improve the health of our Appalachian people. We were honored to be asked to share our research and community outreach from the WV CARDIAC Project,” said Eloise Elliott.

Examples were presented highlighting success strategies including shared decision-making, capacity building, relationship cultivation, and mutual respect. The ATRN Summit brought together researchers from universities across Appalachia to highlight current research and build collaborations to address health disparities in the region.

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