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Faculty/Staff update 2019


Johannes (Joe) Raabe

Assistant Professor, Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Johannes Raabe, PhD, will join the CPASS faculty as a new assistant professor for the Sport and Exercise Psychology program. Raabe earned his PhD in kinesiology and sport studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2016.

Samantha Ross

Assistant Professor, PETE with an emphasis in adapted PE/PA position

Samantha Ross, PhD, earned her Bachelor of Science in human physiology and psychology at the University of Oregon in 2012. She earned her Master of Science in exercise and sport science from Oregon State University in 2015 and her MPH in epidstrongiology in 2018. She earned her PhD in kinesiology with a certificate in adapted physical activity from Oregon State.

Michael Ryan

Teaching Assistant Professor, Athletic Coaching Education

Michael Ryan, PhD, joined the CPASS faculty in August. Ryan earned his PhD in exercise physiology from WVU. Ryan aspires to merge his knowledge of exercise science and 20 years of coaching experience with the combined knowledge of the current CPASS faculty to mentor future professionals in physical education, athletics and recreation.

Justin Wartella

Teaching Assistant Professor, Sport Management

Justin Wartella, PhD, joined the CPASS faculty in August as a new teaching assistant professor for the Sport Managstrongent program. Wartella earned his PhD in athletic administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Mary Kinsley

program coordinator, Lifetime Activities

Elizabeth Robbins

program assistant, Office of Student Success

Allie Haught,

student success coordinator, Office of Student Success

Jordan Schmidt-Gonzalez

student success coordinator, Health and Well-being, Office of Student Success


Edward Etzel

Professor, Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, 41 years

After winning a gold medal in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Etzel went on to become a tenured professor, licensed psychologist and coach of WVU’s record-breaking Rifle Team. His work has also had an impact on the field of athlete mental health that will last long into the future.

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