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Mountaineer coins

West Virginia University celebrates Mountaineer Values through the Values Coin program, which recognizes faculty and staff who help bring the University’s mission to life through their daily work. This past year, CPASS faculty and staff received both Pay It Forward and Mountaineer Values coins. Original CPASS recipients then selected more coworkers to receive Pay It Forward coins. Congratulations to our recipients!

Barbara Ridenour Dalton

“Working for WVU has always given me a sense of pride that has resonated deep within me. The opportunities and benefits that I have received at WVU have been outstanding. I am grateful to the many people at WVU who have helped and guided me. It is through the teaching of my parents that I learned the values displayed on the coin. It is because of my WVU family that I have been able to grow these same values. I especially want to thank Dean Brooks for his encouragement, support and guidance and especially for the honor of being selected to receive the WVU Values Coin this year.”

Carol Straight

“I count it a blessing and a privilege to have worked at WVU for 45 years with a wonderful group of faculty and staff in CPASS and WVU. It is a joy to come to work each day. I am thankful for the many students and parents I have met over the years.”

Lindsay Augustine – awarded by Sean Bulger:

“I am very grateful and extremely humbled to receive a WVU Values Coin for my contribution to online programs within CPASS. We have worked diligently to develop a more effective and efficient way to serve our online students, and it truly has been a team effort. The greatest honor was being awarded the coin by Dr. Bulger, specifically. To be recognized for your accountability by someone who has worked tirelessly for our College is a great feeling.

Sean Bulger on awarding Augustine:

“I selected Lindsay for the Mountaineer Values coin given her dedication and contribution to online learning in CPASS. Lindsay brings a great deal of expertise to our team in the critical areas of student recruitment and retention. We have experienced significant growth in our online programs over the past two years due in part to improvements in our enrollment management processes. Her learner-centeredness has proven critical in developing creative approaches for increasing connectivity with current and prospective online students.”

Valarie Wayda – awarded by Sharon Sisler

“I consider Sharon Sisler to be the epitome of the five values that WVU espouses. So, I was deeply touched and honored when Sharon Sisler awarded me a WVU Coin. She was a wonderful role model as I navigated the administrative roles and responsibilities within our College. My hope is to demonstrate these values daily to pay tribute to the impact Sharon had on my professional career and also on me as a person.”

Sharon Sisler on awarding Wayda:

“I was humbled and appreciative to receive one of the first 150 Values Celebration coins in 2017. I care very much about West Virginia University and am grateful for the many years of opportunities to live WVU’s core values. The 2017 recipients were given a second coin to “pay it forward” by identifying other faculty and staff who embody our values and present them with a 2018 Coin. I chose to recognize Valerie Wayda for her tireless efforts to advance the University and our College. Val seeks opportunities to make change and improvements. She gives generously of her time and talent to support our College and students. She values the contributions of everyone who is part of the team and is a wonderful mentor and example for others. In summary, Val exemplifies the values that are the backbone of our University.”

Stephanie Martin – awarded by Joanne Pollitt

“Receiving the CPASS Mountaineer Pay it Forward Coin from Ms. Joanne Pollitt truly meant the world to me. Joanne has been my mentor over the past several years. I was honored to receive recognition from Joanne as being accountable, respectful, curious, appreciative and providing service to WVU and CPASS. After Joanne’s retirement, I applied and was hired into her position. Without her leadership, none of this would have been possible. To feel appreciated is very humbling as an employee and only makes me want to continue my career path within the University.”

Joanne Pollitt on awarding Martin:

“I was quite honored to be selected to receive a coin in 2017. It was my personal honor to give a Pay It Forward Coin to Stephanie Martin in 2018. I believe working closely with our colleagues is the key to achieving the core values, and camaraderie makes for a healthy work environment.”

Robin McKinney – awarded by Tracy Wheeler

“I am honored that Tracy Wheeler felt that she could depend on me to do anything for this College. I have worked in CPASS for 18-plus years, and it is family. Everything comes with ups and downs, but at CPASS it all comes together. The administrative staff makes it worth coming to work. They respect us.”

Tracy Wheeler on awarding McKinney:

“With 27 years of service to WVU, Robin has been with CPASS since December 1, 2000. From day one, she has been a go-getter. Robin has never resisted an assignment or task. She always takes full ownership of her projects and gets the job done. She always gives 100 percent. She is the go-to person for all things, big and small. If she doesn’t know the answer, she finds the answer; however, she usually knows the answer. Robin has the best interest of the College and University at heart.”

Dana Brooks

Brooks earned a Mountaineer Values Coin in recognition for his service to WVU, totaling 40 plus years to the University and 26 years as dean of CPASS, during the college’s spring awards ceremony. He received a standing ovation from the crowd.

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