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Office of Student Success update

This year, the Office of Student Success (OSS) has welcomed Elizabeth “Betsy” Robbins to their staff. Robbins is joining OSS as a program assistant, a role in which she is providing integral support to recruitment and retention initiatives for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The entire OSS team has had a fantastic academic year. Both recruitment and retention rates are at some of the highest points in several years and they have had the privilege of enrolling 262 incoming CPASS students throughout June.

From selecting the right major and achieving academic success in the classroom to laying the foundation for employment after graduation through experiential learning opportunities, OSS staff members assist students each step of the way.

Looking to the future, OSS is very eager to diversify efforts with the addition of a brand-new CPASS major, Health and Well-being, while strengthening student services through the addition of two new advising positions.

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