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Coaching and coach education event to feature live streaming

The Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Science at the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences will host a three-hour livestreamed event focused on coaching and coach education in the United States through a grant from the West Virginia University Office of the Provost.

The event will feature video capture and livestreaming on December 4, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in the WVU College of Law Event Center, entitled Examining Coaching and Coach Education in the United States. The presentation will feature sport industry and academic leaders and highlight quality coaching and coach education within the American sport system. The video will be available free for public use.

Multiple national level scholars and sport leaders will examine essential conversations needed to support the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Youth Sport Strategy’s call to establish national and local strategies for quality youth sport coaching.

“The goal of the event is to provide an educationally based platform for a critical examination of the quality of coaching education within the United States. This comes as a response to concerns about decreases in youth physical activity levels and engagement in sport. There have also been questions raised regarding the overspecialization and ‘professionalization’ of children who are involved in sport and the health and safety issues that have been raised by the U.S. Center for Safe Sports,” Kristen Dieffenbach, assistant professor, athletic coaching education.

YouTube livestreaming allows for live commenting, which will engage viewers to submit feedback they may have throughout the event. The program will include panel discussions. Audience members are encouraged to submit questions for discussion by the panelists.

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