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CPASS graduate to manage health and wellness efforts on campus

A West Virginia University alumna with two degrees has returned to campus to guide wellbeing efforts. Amy Sidwell, Community Health Education M.S. (2000) and Kinesiology-Physical Education Teacher Education Ph.D. (2009), is serving as the new director of the WVU Office of Health Promotion and Wellness.  

The office is dedicated to cultivating the well-being of the campus community by coordinating efforts between all well-being initiatives at WVU. The group is led by Dr. Tara Hulsey, vice president, Health Promotion and Wellness. 

In her new role, Sidwell, from Edinboro, Pa., will manage project activities, coordinate with project leaders and implement and evaluate projects. “My goals in this position include collaborating with campus and community stakeholders to promote physical, community, financial, social, purposeful and emotional well-being,” said Sidwell.   

Sidwell credits her connection with College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences with guiding her success. “My mentors at CPASS included my dissertation chair, Dr. Sean Bulger and committee members Drs. Andy Hawkins, Bob Wiegand, Lynn Housner and Dick Walls. Dr. Bulger provided significant mentorship during my doctoral program, served as a professional reference and continues to provide much-appreciated advice,” Sidwell said.  

“While Dr. Bulger is widely recognized for his research, I appreciated how he organized his classes and worked to connect students to programs and personnel beyond the University,” she added.  

Sidwell’s tips for student success are simple – stay organized and focused. “Know what needs to be done and when things are due. Ask questions early and often. If a class, major, or job do not seem to be a good fit, reach out to mentors who can provide support,” said Sidwell.   

“Although I’ve only been back on campus a short time, I am so appreciative of the warm welcome I’ve received. WVU is fortunate to have so many employees and students who care deeply about health and wellness,” she said

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