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Building a coaching resume for professional success

A CPASS senior is using flexibility within his studies to gain useful experience outside of the classroom. Caden Roberts is pursuing his love of sports through a Bachelor of Science degree in sport management with a minor in scholastic coaching. He is scheduled to graduate in May 2021. 

Roberts, from Martinsburg, W.Va., credits his CPASS degree for equipping him with the vital tools he needs to become a successful coach and sport manager. “I chose CPASS because they provided curriculum and opportunities to grow as a basketball coach. Adaptability within the major has allowed me to continue to pursue relevant work and experience in the field,” he said. 

Sport management faculty have helped guide Roberts during his studies. “My favorite CPASS faculty member is Dr. Justin Wartella. Dr. Wartella has supported me throughout my academic career at WVU. He has offered guidance and advice both academically and professionally. He is a caring educator and a great friend,” Roberts said. 

During the last five years, Roberts has focused on expanding his knowledge and skills for a career in basketball coaching. While in high school he served for two years as a student assistant coach for the men’s basketball team at Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, W.Va. 

“At WVU, I have served as a manager with the women’s basketball team and as an assistant coach with the men’s basketball program at Fairmont State University. Currently, I produce statistical analysis and film breakdown reports for staff members of the Boston Celtics,” Roberts added. 

Roberts credits his professors and the sport management program for helping him grow his coaching resume. “Being able to seek outside experience while still pursuing a degree is an advantage of the program. CPASS professors are always helpful and willing to help make accommodations regarding my basketball schedule,” he said. “I am so fortunate to be able to learn and develop in such a nurturing environment.” 

Roberts suggests that current students who want to follow their passion into sports management gain relevant experience early. “Seek out opportunities within organizations and don’t be afraid to work for free. Sport management is an extremely competitive field and the people with the most experience and connections are the ones who succeed,” Roberts said. 

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