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Active Learning Center update

The Steelcase Active Learning Center at WVU, created thanks to a $67,000 grant initiative offered by Steelcase Education, was intended to support educators and students by creating an environment that fosters connection, creation and engagement. One year after its launch, the Center is well on its way to fulfilling those goals, says Sean Bulger, associate dean for graduate and online education at CPASS.

“Across the initial year of the Steelcase Active Learning Center, we evaluated student and faculty use of the facility and observed a range of favorable outcomes,” he says. “Students reported positively on movement and communication indicators, including re-arranging furniture into new layouts, moving to work with others more often, using classroom tools to communicate and presenting ideas to their peers. Students also described that the new environment enabled them to be more engaged in their learning and group activities.”

Instructors also reported positively on their use of the furniture and tools as well as teacher/student relationships in the Active Learning Center, Sean says, specifically regarding having access to a variety of tools, using these tools to enhance learning and connecting with students more often. Instructors also reported the space facilitated their desired teaching and learning methods.