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Delivering Winning Content

NFL Coordinator of Social Media Operations and CPASS Sport Management graduate, Samantha Strejeck, manages best in-class content and distribution across all 32 NFL markets.

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Samantha Strejeck earned two degrees from West Virginia University, a Sport Management MS (May 2017) and Strategic Communications with a concentration in Public Relations, minor in Leadership Studies BS (2015). Strejeck talks about her passion for sports, experiences as a CPASS sport management student and her internships with WVU Athletics. Strejeck, who grew up in Annapolis, MD, explains how experiential learning opportunities at WVU helped launch her career in the professional sports industry.

Read below to learn how Samantha Strejeck turned hands-on learning experiences while at WVU CPASS into establishing her career goal in social media in sports and then landing her dream position with the NFL.

How did you develop an interest in sports and the sports industry?

Sports have been in my life since I was young. I grew up playing sports and was surrounded by it. I’ve always loved the competitive nature of sports while watching how it brings people together to cheer on your favorite team. My family is a big football family. We grew up as Pittsburgh Steelers fans and my brother played football throughout college.

I knew sports was a passion, but it wasn’t until my junior year at WVU until I started to realize how I can make a career out of it and really do what I wanted to do. I was a teacher’s assistant for a journalism class and my professor told me about an opportunity within the WVU Athletics communications department as a student assistant role. I was so excited about it. I applied, had some interviews and found I got the position the summer going into my senior year. I remember I was out on the golf course when I received that call. And that’s how it all started to evolve.


While working as a student assistant in the WVU Athletics communications my senior year, I was surrounded by graduate students whom I looked up to and worked around every day. I wanted to do the same. I wanted to gain more experience and expand my sports career as much as I could.

As I was planning my next moves after graduation, I decided to continue my education at WVU and pursue my master’s in sport management, while working and being a GA in the Athletics communications department.

Some of my favorite memories as a student have come from working in the Athletics department. There’s too many to choose, but just being able to work Mountaineer football and basketball games was amazing. I got to see games from a whole new perspective from the sidelines and see behind the scenes moments of what makes a game day come to life.

Describe your involvement in the WVU sport management program.

My experience in the WVU sport management program was incredible. I learned so much and was able to create lifelong friendships and mentors.

I chose the two-year master’s program because I wanted to gain hands-on experience as a graduate assistant in the athletics communications department. So, I was working while also pursuing a master’s degree. I was busy but loved it. As a GA, I essentially was the Sports Information Director for WVU’s track and field, cross country and swimming and diving teams.

I promoted each team’s events and meets, managed their social media platforms, wrote feature stories and press releases, as well as created graphic promotional materials for them. Additionally, I helped capture social media content for WVU’s football and men’s basketball teams and wrote feature stories on student-athletes.

Mid-way into my first year in grad school, I knew I had a passion for social media in sports and that I wanted to get more involved. I enjoyed creating content and being able to story tell through social media. I reached out to the director of digital media, Grant Dovey, who is a mentor to me, and expressed my interest in social media.

He got me involved in numerous opportunities, including being a part of Instagram’s Student Section Program. This was a fun and creative program where one representative from the top schools participating in March Madness had to creatively capture and visually show gameday through Instagram stories. I was coming up with original ways to capture each game day and highlight the school’s student section. It was also a way to get insight on Instagram's new features and learn more about the platform.

How did WVU internships support your career opportunities?

All the experiences I gained at WVU helped me jumpstart my sports career. After I graduated with my master’s, I landed a job with the Green Bay Packers on their social media team. I was there for a year and it was truly an amazing experience. I helped manage the Packers’ official social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

I worked daily to promote news and stories surrounding the team, created and captured compelling social media content that brought fans close to our team, worked with internal departments to achieve business objectives, constantly ideating and more. On game days, I was on the field capturing content, giving fans a unique perspective into gameday. I managed the Packers Snapchat and Instagram story, capturing touchdowns and big plays as they happened on the sidelines.

After my experience with the Packers, I moved to NYC and started my role at the NFL.

What is your role as coordinator of the NFL Live Content Correspondents Program?

I’m currently in my third season of working at the NFL as coordinator of social media operations and live content correspondents. I manage our Live Content Correspondents Program, consisting of nearly 90 content creators (photographers and videographers) across all 32 NFL markets. These LCCs are capturing high-quality photo and video content for Clubs, the League and players’ social channel. 

I monitor all content requests to ensure we are capturing best-in-class content and distribute it to our entire NFL media ecosystem. I also help develop social media ideas and best methods that support key calendar initiatives and events. 

Being able to go to games and capture content on the sidelines is always fun. Also, working hard throughout the season to be able to go to NFL tentpole events such as Draft, Combine and Super Bowl and capture content on the biggest stage is always a favorite. 

I like to play such an important and integral role in ensuring we are delivering top content to our NFL, club and player social channels. The LCC Program is a content powerhouse that all groups are relying more than ever on.

How can other grads serve as a resource for CPASS students?

As a former Mountaineer, I wanted to share my story with how WVU helped me grow and get to where I am today in my career. Everyone’s path is different and hearing other people’s stories is moving. It brings hope and confidence that with hard work and determination, you, too, can achieve your goals. I want to serve as a resource for students who may want career advice, help getting connected to people or just be someone to talk to.

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Follow Samantha on Twitter at @sstrejeck93

View a presentation featuring Samantha's career path, as shared during a Zoom call with Dr. Gonzalo Bravo's CPASS Sport Management class.

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